Untangle is a security software company that creates a firewall product currently called Next Generation Firewall (NG Firewall). They have been around since 2003, founded as Metavize and renaming to Untangle in 2007. Untangle has created an open source firewall platform aimed at helping small to medium businesses secure and protect their networks.

This software solution is interesting because it provides a completely free, open-source solution to your basic firewall needs. In fact, you can download and run the Untangle environment on an existing PC or even a virtual machine, for free. Untangle definition is - to loose from tangles or entanglement : straighten out. How to use untangle in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of untangle. Untangle's Command Center is the ideal platform for IT Service Providers, providing easy management of remote sites. Manage firewall and network security from one console with a lightweight, cost-effective and simple solution. Untangle provides a suite of Internet management applications for small-to-medium businesses and education institutions. The Untangle Server runs various networking apps are available in packages

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Oct 03, 2016 · Untangle is considered to be Unified threat management (UTM). In addition to that tool set, Untangle also provides you with the option of running it as a router or as a transparent bridge. The later is useful if you prefer to use another firewall appliance in front of it, but still want to use some of Untangle's non-router functionality.

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Untangle SD-WAN Overview and Demo Traditional hardware and software solutions for branch office connectivity can be complex, expensive, and hard to manage. To meet this growing need for secure, comprehensive branch office connectivity at a fraction of the price, Untangle recently launched our SD-WAN Router. Untangle SD-WAN Router is a lightweight network edge router. Untangle - SBGrid Consortium - Supported Software The SBGrid Consortium is an innovative global research computing group operated out of Harvard Medical School. SBGrid provides the global structural biology community with support for … 11 Best Open Source Firewalls Comparable to Commercial