Mar 13, 2018 · Method 2: Move to SIM and Hide the SIM In the second method, we will be saving the contacts in the SIM memory and then basically just hiding the SIM contacts. On older versions of Android (4.4.4 and below) you can copy existing contacts on your phone to the SIM but on the later versions, you have to select the memory that you want to use while

All of these apps allow you to hide content from snoopers, even if they gain access to your unlocked phone or tablet. Hide Photos and Videos in the Photos App. If you want to hide an app from your Photos library, you can do so without any extra software. Unfortunately, it’s not particularly secure.

On phone. Click the Join button on the home screen of your Zoom app. And then toggle off the ‘Turn Off My Video’ option. When you join the meeting, Zoom will put up your profile picture. How to hide your video in gallery view?

Now let’s see how to turn off Facebook chat on your phone so that you can appear offline. We will use an Android device for this example. To Go Invisible On Facebook App (Android / iPhone) follow these simple steps.

May 12, 2020 · There’s no way to hide your phone number from being able to be seen by your fellow contacts in WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the entire premise of WhatsApp was built around using a phone number to contact users while simultaneously providing a far more rich experience than what basic SMS message provides users.

Jul 07, 2020 · You can hide photos on your LG phone from within the Gallery app. Launch the app, tap the photo you want to hide, and then tap the icon in the upper-right corner (three vertical dots). Hide apps in folders on your home screen. Rather than keeping all of your apps in plain view – and relatively disorganized, at that – you can move some or all of your apps into folders.This