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CELO Fixings Technology. Choose your country: Choose your language: Go to site Find below the other pages of the group you might be interested in Industrial Division Visit Celo Foundation & Alliance Careers: Build products for Celo contributors in Berlin practicing Holocracy by going over project tensions. Celo retreat focusing on self, team, and ecosystem evolution. Building a team comprised of diverse perspectives and experiences. Career Opportunities. Refine By. All Locations. All Locations. Berlin, DE. … May 10, 2020 · From Proto-Indo-European *ḱēl-, an ablaut variant of Proto-Indo-European *ḱel-. Cognate to Latin clam, Old Irish ceilid (“to hide”) and Proto-Germanic *helaną, *huljaną.

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CELO - Our brand CELO is an international group of companies dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality technical screws and technical fixings. While remaining a traditional family owned business, in the last 20 years we have multiplied our sales by six.

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