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Carrier Ethernet Services and Layer 3 VPNs. Many core networks are built over IP/MPLS both nationally and internationally. IP/MPLS or L3VPN is a technology where the traffic is carried over pseudowires (PW) over MPLS Label Switch Paths (LSPs) tunnels. The forwarding is L3-based. The infrastructure comprises routers that are MPLS-capable. Cisco Layer 2 VPNs (L2VPN) Training Workbook for Network Feb 28, 2010 10.6 Build a LAN-to-LAN VPN (Using L3 IP Routing

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MPLS – A Tutorial on VPNs Layer 2 and 3 | Udemy Blog The Layer-2 Approach. The layer-3 VPN uses a peer model – where the customer’s router peers and redistributes its routes with the providers PE router – the Layer-2 approach is actually an overlay model. In this VPN model, the customer simply connects to the …

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