The entry now shows as incomplete, which means the ARP entry will be refreshed when it is needed again. Conclusion. Depending on your distribution, the ip utility is quicker if you want to flush out the full ARP cache. For individual entries, the arp tool will do the job as quickly. Both tools are available for most distributions

Solved: problem with proxy arp - Check Point CheckMates What does the output of "fw ctl arp" show from expert mode? What is the subnet mask of 85.21.100.X? Are you SURE that and exist in the same subnet? Proxy ARP will only be performed by the firewall for NAT addresses plucked from what it thinks is a directly-attached IP range. DIGITAL TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Entry 2 --- This entry is incomplete; the remote host may be unreachable, or an answer may not yet have been received to the ARP request (CMPL not present). Entry 4 --- This entry is permanent. Entries 1, 2, and 3 will time out. Entry 5 --- This entry is permanent and public. This host will respond to ARP …

Linux arp command help and examples

arp command in Linux with examples - GeeksforGeeks arp command manipulates the System’s ARP cache. It also allows a complete dump of the ARP cache. ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol. The primary function of this protocol is to resolve the IP address of a system to its mac address, and hence it works between level 2(Data link layer) and level 3(Network layer).

MS-DOS and Windows command line arp command

CLI Command. SRX550M,SRX320,SRX340,SRX1500,vSRX. Display information about the IPv6 neighbor cache.