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Microsoft® ISV The Microsoft ISV team, in conjunction with our ISV Partners, have put together a series of 30-minute sessions to help you learn from their experiences, challenges, and how they have become successful NZ ISVs. Join us and hear from Industry experts such as Danny Ing, Akinyemi Koyi, and Carmen Vicelich to see how they are selling into global IBM - Supported Product List IBM Solution Support for Evolution Robotics Retail LaneHawk supported products (the "coverage") requires a valid Maintenance Agreement for the hardware products and a valid support contract for the software products, as it relates more precisely to the ISV's retail application products, the final customer must have a valid support contract with Connecting with IBM i ISVs | IBM Systems Media ISV and IBM. I want to let you know a couple of key things before we move on: if you feel as if IBM has not been as active talking with ISVs in general, and you in particular, as we have in the past, that could be true. Some of our relationships with ISVs are very strong, but for some ISVs, we know we’re not as connected as we should be. Startup with IBM - Build with free IBM Cloud credits and

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Focused on building ISV/MSP/CSP partnerships that leverage the entire IBM Portfolio as an solution component combined with partner IP, services or solutions that deliver significant customer value IBM Power Development Cloud benefits the SUSE ISV - SUSE IBM just recently announced their new Power Development Cloud. This recent announcement is just one example of the many tools provided by IBM PartnerWorld and SUSE PartnerNet that benefits the SUSE ISV partner. While IBM’s Power Development Cloud is an excellent opportunity to get access to IBM’s wonderful Power System many of the benefits of […]

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Mar 22, 2018 IBM TS4300 tape library delivers a highly scalable, easy