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TorrentFreak Questions And Answers. When evaluating any VPN, it's important to understand their policies and the reasons behind them. Here at, we try to be incredibly open and transparent about our policies. That's why we've answered the frequently asked "TorrentFreak" questions below — and why we write extensively on our website Jul 26, 2020 · In common with the early years, most torrent site uploaders today are still intrinsically motivated. Over the years, however, money has played a bigger role in the larger pirate ecosystem and slowly but steadily, money and greed have become a factor. Torrent sites haven’t been spared from this. 5 years ago The Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies has launched a class action lawsuit against Ford and General Motors over the CD-ripping capability of their cars. The music industry group claims that the car companies violate federal law and demand millions of dollars in damages. Filmbolag och Rättighetsalliansen lämnar yrkande till Patent- och marknadsdomstolen och vill tvinga VPN-leverantören OVPN lämna ut data om IP-adress man tror att The Pirate Bay använt sig av, yrkar på vite om 100 000 SEK om man inte lämnar ut data eller raderar data, bad om att OVPN ( - Site details, Ranking, News feeds and Widgets With a proxy site, you can unblock The Pirate Bay easily. The Proxy Bay maintains an updated list of working TPB proxy sites. See this article on TorrentFreak for more details. Proxy sites are the easiest methods to bypass the block and unblock The Pirate Bay, however there are also Alternate methods Jul 21, 2020 · torrentfreak 3 Articles Android App Scans Barcodes, Downloads Torrents. March 11, 2009 by Eliot 27 Comments . AndroidAndMe is running a bounty program for Android applications. Users can request a

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