Keep in mind that when you delete a photo or video from your story on Facebook, it will also be deleted from Messenger. Any changes you make to your story will update across both apps. If you see someone else's story that you don't want to see, you can mute their story so it doesn't show up in your Stories section.

Oct 08, 2017 · How To Delete Facebook Search History Android device. Solution Exist had posted a tutorial on How To Delete Search History on Facebook but to delete Facebook search history from Facebook app all you need to do is follow the below steps and these simple steps will help you to clear Facebook search bar history. I “think” there kinda is a way, although I can’t see anyone else ho has provided the answer. If you make a comment you don’t want anyone else to see, and don’t want to delete the post (maybe someone liked the pic, and deleting it would be kinda me The news: Facebook has launched its “Off-Facebook Activity” tool, which lets users manage and delete the data that third-party apps and websites share with Facebook. It was originally called Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of Facebook, and head to Activity Log. from there, click the "More" button in the left sidebar to reveal the "Search" option. Click on it to view May 15, 2018 · Mark Zuckerberg, in F8 developer conference, 2018 decided to launch the new privacy tool Clear History, this feature will delete all your cookies and browsing.With the coming of this feature, Facebook provides users better security and better privacy to its users.

May 17, 2020 · How to Delete Watch Video History on Facebook using PC Deleting the watch video history on Facebook for web or desktop is easy. We have that amazing feature Activity log to first get into the list of all videos we have watched and then manage the privacy for those videos or delete them if we want.

Jun 08, 2013 · How to Delete Your Facebook Search History . 1. Go to Your Profile . Head to your Facebook profile and click the "Activity log" option at the bottom right of your cover photo. Mar 02, 2014 · Delete Facebook Search History. If you want to start taking control of your privacy on Facebook – the best you can anyway – you can delete your search history. Like most Facebook security and

Let’s see how to delete browsing history on Facebook. You may also read: How To Edit Photo On Facebook Before Posting. How To Delete Browsing History On Facebook. If you want to delete browsing history, first you need to know where to find it. Just follow these instructions: Sign into Facebook.

Apr 09, 2018 · To remove a single item from your search history on iOS or Android tap the X next to the search you want to delete. This clears that item from your search history. On the Facebook Website. To remove one thing from your search history on the web, click the “Edit” button next to it. And then click the “Delete” button. Now playing: Watch this: Delete your Facebook search history 1:13 Each time you look for a friend, business, or personality on Facebook, it gets saved to your search history. To delete your Facebook Search history in a single go, tap Clear Searches on the top. Tap confirm on the next screen. So, this way you can remove unwanted search from your Facebook search history.