For DHCP you'll also need to exclude your VLAN1 IP. ip dhcp excluded-address From a basic config standpoint you should be able to reach your VLAN1 IP address. If DHCP isn't working try hard coding an ip address in the range and see if you can reach VLAN1 while connected directly to Fa0.

Oct 16, 2019 Disable IP Source Routing - Basic Security Services Jul 20, 2020 IP Application Services Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS Feb 24, 2019 Set the Telnet Source IP Address for a Cisco Router

Name ip source-route — global Synopsis ip source-route no ip source-route Configures Routing of source-routed packets Default Enabled Description This command allows the router to route packets that contain source-routing … - Selection from Cisco IOS in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition [Book]

interface FastEthernet0/1 ip address no ip unreachables no ip redirects no ip mask-reply no cdp enable ! Lesson 15-3: Setting up a Secure HTTP Server In this scenario, R8 needs to be configured as the HTTP server so that it allows remote management through the Cisco web browser interface. Triggers on receipt of an IP datagram in which the IP option list for the datagram includes option 9 (Strict Source Routing), the value of which is 137. The Strict Source Route option may be used to specify the exact path a packet must traverse in route to its destination.The IP options list contains one or more options that perform various

set ip next-hop <– set the next hop of LAN1 traffic to be ISP1. route-map PBR permit 3 <– create another entry in the same route-map match ip address PBR_ACL2 <– match the traffic of LAN2 identified in ACL2 created above set ip next-hop <– set the next hop of LAN2 traffic to be ISP2. Step 4

Source Route - YouTube Feb 10, 2008 How to Configure Static NAT in Cisco Router To assign IP address in Laptop click Laptop and click Desktop and IP configuration and Select Static and set IP address as given in above table. Following same way configure IP address in Server. To configure IP address in Router1 click Router1 and select CLI and press Enter key. Cisco Bug: CSCtx73452 - "no ip source -route" and "ip 2. ASR 1001 receives the packet. ASR 1001 has "no ip source-route" setting in its configuration. 3. ASR 1001 incorrectly overwrites the destination IP address of packet, which has source-route option set, and forwards it instead of dropping it. Conditions: The symptom is observed with the Cisco …