Mar 03, 2016

TL-WR902AC | AC750 Wireless Travel Router | TP-Link Multifunctional USB Port for File Sharing and Charging. A The travel router comes with a built-in USB 2.0 sharing port. Connect a USB storage drive to share access to files, download movies and back up recent photos. Connect your smartphone cable and the router doubles as a … How to quickly share files in Windows 10 - CNET Find the file you want to share. Open up the File Explorer and navigate to the file or files you want to …

A simple fix for this problem is to connect those computers to the first router, but the file and printer sharing work-arounds shown later can also be used. Discuss this in the Forums Introduction, Two Problems Solution 1 - Disable the second router Solution 2 - Sharing via IP address, Other Way

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Learn how to share files and printers with other devices on your home network. Set Up File and Print Sharing with Your Comcast Home Networking Device. File sharing on a LAN with a single segment (all computers connected to the same router) is fairly simple. Windows Networking uses Server Message Blocks (SMBs) broadcast between all computers. In most networks, SMBs are transported over IP. Homegroups in Windows 7 make it easy to share files, folders, music, pictures, videos, and printers with other people on your home network. After you have created or joined a Windows 7 homegroup, use these steps to share your folders and files with other computers connected to the homegroup. File Transfer between PC and Android. This one is rather easy. Transferring files over WI-FI between a PC and Android is quite popular. For that, you have to use other apps to connect with each other. Share it is different software for file sharing. You must know about it if you use a smartphone. Nowadays Shareit has taken the place of Bluetooth.